Montag, 5. Juni 2017

Alsa Cast - Resin barn in 1:72

I was always quite a fan with resin cast models from the netherlands. It was Artitec who gets resin on a new level for modell-railroaders. These models were (and are) inspirational and highly detailed. Fitting was OK (mostly).

These days I was out for a simple barn for my upcomming northen Europe/ northern German shunting layout. Modellers from the Netherlands would claim this structure as typical "Netherland(ish)" but I thought this barn could have a home in northern Germany too. I saw similar buildings in the german northsea region of Husum, Tönning, Oldenburg and also in the Wismar (Baltics) region too.
I have never had Alsa Cast on my list so I was quite pleased to find s.o. offering Alsa Cast on the Bay.

Alsa Cast did an excellent job. The castings came along without bending. I also can´t find any of the typical resin holes that other business rivals offer. The casting is clear an full of perfect detail.

The build-up was straight foreward without any complications.  
I used two kinds of glues from the UHU range for this one. For the roof I worked with UHU Endfest. Endfest is a two components glue that could be modified withhin 60 minutes and more. Later on it holds like a beast (Endfest). For the sidings I used simple gel superglue from UHU. 

I can deeply recommend this even for beginners in resin modelling. Will have some more update with this nice Alsa Cast structure within the next days.


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