Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

Hobby Trade - (small) goods shed Part 4


some more progress on the goods shed. These day I would say I agreed a cease fire with this modelling kit. The recent parts fit fine (or finer) and I am quite peacefull with it all.
At least the green frontdoor on the left is not fitting. I have had some hopes but there is a clear gap between door and wall. Quite poor - did I say this earlier????
I installed a "dummy door" with leftover parts. Will build up a door from scratch during the next days.
Otherwise I am still impressed with the excellent detail. A friend of mine from England told me this shed is full of "character". Would say you can´t describe it any better.
I started to work on the roof parts. Fitting here is exellent.  
Will have some progross during the next days.

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