Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018

Almost new: Brawa Pwg pr 14

These days I bought the all new Brawa Pwg pr 14 in DR era 3 livery. Was quite exited when I heard about Brawas rendition of that classic railcar. Over the years I was extremly pleased with the Bros Fleischmann Version and... well could Brawa do better?

OK. Yes they did... but only slightly. Good news to all the Fleischmann owners: Fleischmanns PWG pr 14 is still a challanger.

The Brawa has better details. (Fleischmann in DB livery on the left.) The Brawa version looks more realistic. They offer some really fine parts like the steps and the windows. Printings are fine with both models. On the axels Brawa has the plus. Some parts on the Fleischmann roof are toy-like. Dimensions/sizing on both modells are still outstanding.Would give the Brawa version 10 out of ten points but the Flescmmann PWG will be credited with 8/10.

Here ist the Brawa underframe. I would say highly detailed.

In comparison the Fleischmann version. Only few details will need RP 25 wheels as I installed. Otherwise the vehicle ist too high if running with other cars.

Would recommend the Brawa version of the Prussian designed PWG (14) very much. A really welcomed addition to my rolling stock.

Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018

Getting Roco V 36 on track

These days I am waiting for the arrival of Brawas all new rendition of the V36. Have read some of the anouncements and they all sound promising. While waiting I revisited Rocos V 36 that I bought somewhere around 2014. Compared to the upcomming Brawa this engine has reduced features but was (and is often enough) availeable beyound the 100 Euros line.

There is one big fault with the engine that has a direct impact on the runnig quality. The wheel with the rubbertire (Haftreifen) should be removed. Otherwise it leads to a non smooth moving and a constant bad running noise. 

Roco offers a single wheel without the rubbertire (spare part: Roco 124308) and the exchange of the wheels is a quite simple job of 5 minutes or so. You should first remove both bolts from the driverod. Remove the two Phillips screws, lift the wheel cover and change the wheel.

Caution: There are two springs inside the axle that should not get lost to the carpet monster.

Rocos V36 runs a 100times better without rubbertires and is a quite lovely little engine with a decent price.

Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018

Sightseeing Radebeul / Saxony

Last Sunday I had the chance to visit the Narrow Gauge Museum of Radebeul in Saxony. A lovely place with some excellent restored cars plus some vehicles that obvously need some care.

Highly recommended


Dienstag, 19. Dezember 2017

Auhagen engine shed Part 3

Here is the next update on the engine shed. I build up a base build from foam-board. This base is lubricated on a pretty hard 5mm Forex board that later will be installed on the diorama base.

I also added a pipe installation with pipes and parts from Auhagen and Evergreen. Auhagen has a lovely set with "Rohrleitungen / Pipes" -> set 80104. Open pipe installatations are quite typical for GDR/DR structures. My upcomming Dio will have a pipe installation.

In the next step I will work on the roof.


Finally, some Christmas greetings from my Workbench. Frohe Weihnachten für euch Alle. Merry Christmas! S Rozhdestvom!

Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

Auhagen engine shed Part 2

During the recent days I was able to achive some progress on the Auhagen shed. As said earlier all the windows were missing so I replaced them with parts of printed card board. 
I also used  cardboard for the interior which gives the model unique look.

I the next step will model a concrete floor. Will use Styyrodur or Depron for this.

Freitag, 24. November 2017

Lenz Köf II

I have not bought quite a many engines this year - in fact this one here is my second purchase: The Köf 2 from Company Lenz in the DR era 3 scheme.

We can find quite a many positive reviews of this little gem on the Internet and I can´t add much more. This Köf is maybe the best shunting engine for its price in this scale:
  • Fantastic low speed and mid speed running
  • nearly noiseless even in higher speed
  • RP 25 "look a like" wheels
  • highly detailed
  • DCC features eg.: Coupling / Uncoupling plus coupling slow speed move

There is only one aspect on this engine I am disapointed with: It is the black color scheme. Lenz used a strong pigmented lacquer here. The pigments are clearly visiable and this looks bad for my taste. I checked pictures from www to compare the coloring of the 0 Scale offering from Lenz. Lenz uses flat black for 0 scale. A much better and more realistic choice.

Dienstag, 14. November 2017

Auhagen engine shed

Some weeks ago I found a kit of the Auhagen engine shed in a Berlin second hand store. Auhagen offers several sheds - this one here is from the Krakow am See theme.
The kit itself was incomplete with the water tower oviously missing. Also the windows were lost. Quite bad but the merchant asked for 5 Euros so I can´t resist.

Back at home I checked out my spare parts. I found a partly used cardboard from Comp. Stipp with a quite similar shed and good luck! the windows from the stip set seem to fit.

Last evening I started the build up with one of the side panels. I gave the side an undercoat with white Gesso from the Golden range. Gesso is quite perfect for reproducing crevice on brickwork.  After ten minutes of drying I removed most of the Gesso paint with a soft tissue. I am quite pleased with the result.