Montag, 5. Juni 2017

Alsa Cast - Resin barn in 1:72

I was always quite a fan with resin cast models from the netherlands. It was Artitec who gets resin on a new level for modell-railroaders. These models were (and are) inspirational and highly detailed. Fitting was OK (mostly).

These days I was out for a simple barn for my upcomming northen Europe/ northern German shunting layout. Modellers from the Netherlands would claim this structure as typical "Netherland(ish)" but I thought this barn could have a home in northern Germany too. I saw similar buildings in the german northsea region of Husum, Tönning, Oldenburg and also in the Wismar (Baltics) region too.
I have never had Alsa Cast on my list so I was quite pleased to find s.o. offering Alsa Cast on the Bay.

Alsa Cast did an excellent job. The castings came along without bending. I also can´t find any of the typical resin holes that other business rivals offer. The casting is clear an full of perfect detail.

The build-up was straight foreward without any complications.  
I used two kinds of glues from the UHU range for this one. For the roof I worked with UHU Endfest. Endfest is a two components glue that could be modified withhin 60 minutes and more. Later on it holds like a beast (Endfest). For the sidings I used simple gel superglue from UHU. 

I can deeply recommend this even for beginners in resin modelling. Will have some more update with this nice Alsa Cast structure within the next days.


Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

Hobby Trade - (small) goods shed Part 5


here is the next update on the goods shed. This little project is getting in its final stage and I am starting with the roof parts. 
Again fitting is not as hoped and I have to cut away at least 2mm on both of the roof layers. I lubricate the roof only to two of the eleven roof-beams. The beams themself are not lubricated. All is easy to remove. The idea is to get back, lift the roof again and install some LED light plus some interior (but not today).
The fitting of the tar-board is excellent. I used simple Pritt office glue to mount the tar replica. Again... the detail is of highest level.


Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

Hobby Trade - (small) goods shed Part 4


some more progress on the goods shed. These day I would say I agreed a cease fire with this modelling kit. The recent parts fit fine (or finer) and I am quite peacefull with it all.
At least the green frontdoor on the left is not fitting. I have had some hopes but there is a clear gap between door and wall. Quite poor - did I say this earlier????
I installed a "dummy door" with leftover parts. Will build up a door from scratch during the next days.
Otherwise I am still impressed with the excellent detail. A friend of mine from England told me this shed is full of "character". Would say you can´t describe it any better.
I started to work on the roof parts. Fitting here is exellent.  
Will have some progross during the next days.

Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Hobby Trade - (small) goods shed Part 3


faults matter. Do they?
I am still around with the goods shed from Hobby Trade. Still I am impressed by the sense for detail wich is on this model. Only for detail, this fine scale model is with the highest level I have seen in this H0 scale.
On the other hand... faults matter. Faults make you angry. Faults make ME angry.
Please take a look at picture one. We have a highly detailed goods shed wall. Just on the lower side you can see the not completed wooden parts of something that would become a platform. Obviously something is not fitting....
I am quite angry about the fitting problems on this model. I have come to the impression, that this model was never Beta tested.  Quite bad. 

Next bad thing with the model are the windows. They look convincing and good. They fit perfectly. Even without glueing. The instruction mentioned a piece of glas. Well... this glas is missing.MISSING!!!! It is not in the box. Quite bad again.

Finally. A word on tools. You will need the sharpest knife availeable. Please use a new blade. You also will need clamps to hold things together. I can´t recommend clamps like the red one on the top of picture 3. These clamps are far too strong. They will damage parts. Use softer clamps like those in the middle.

Cheers (an good night)


Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

Hobby Trade - (small) goods shed Part 2

Gentlemen, here is the upgrade on the small Hobby Trade Goods shed. 
Still I have mixed emtions with this build. Details are on the highest level. I have been building freight sheds during the last 30years and the level of detail on this model is astonishing. Hobby trade created an excellent technique here. The model is build around a hard kernel of (black) Pertinax wich offers a high stability.
Fitting of the parts is hmmm... OK but could be more precise. Caution: The instructions are a bit misleading. Please try out fitting before lubrication. For lubrication I used superglue gel for the Pertinax kernel and traditional white glue (PONAL) for the printed parts.

As said earlier fitting is OK but you can´t prevent small gabs in the corners. I filled this up with an acrylic filler from the artist range but traditional fillers might work too. 
The filler needs to bee reduced (I have not done yet) and re-colored. I will use pastels to re-color the upworked parts.

A final note to fitting: The green door on the last picture seems to bee not fitting. I still have some hopes that it will fit because there is a platform that needs to be installed. This platform should cover the lost space.... hopefully.
Next update will come soon

Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Hobby Trade - (small) goods shed

 My latest puchase is a (small) freight shed from Hobby Trade. Have seen quite a many good to exellent reviews on the larger goods shed from the danish company but none for this shed. This one is also laser cut and from the first view of high quality. I am a bit unsatisfied with the brickwork as the seam of the stonework is far tooo intense but otherwise I am quite happy with this model.
Will do an in-build review of this model during the next days:


Samstag, 12. November 2016

PIKO V 180 from Leuna Works


during the last years Piko offers a good variety of ex DR Diesels. Must admit that I am quite a fan of those newer Piko Diesels. They have a good and sturdy mechanical set up. Plus: They are DCC ready and most of them (all???) sound ready. Details are good. Running is top of the line. Pricing is low. I do like Piko....

This one here is my first V180 engine from Piko. I bought this one in the VEB Leuna works lettering scheme. DCC installation is extrem easy. I use an ESU 4 DCC 8pin plug.
A lovely engine. Runs perfect both in DC and DCC. Recommended for all DR Era 4 fans.